Sharing Parent Request Items with Child Requests

You can share CMDB items across linked requests.

There are several steps involved in sharing parent request items with the child request:

  1. If necessary, create screen sets for your parent request and child request. Then create the necessary screens - Request Submission in Self Service Portal; and Request Details.

  2. In ASM Designer, open the parent workflow screen, and add the Result CMDB Items field to the screen. This will be used to create the link with the child requests.

  3. Still in ASM Designer, open the child workflow screen, and add the Parent Result CMDB Items field. (You will find it in Other Screen Sets.) This will capture the outcome of the parent workflow.

  4. Create or open the parent workflow's Manage CMDB Item task. In the Create Item Details section, ensure that Add to Request Field is ticked. Select , then select Result CMDB Items.

  5. Open the child workflow dependency diagram. Ensure that a delay task is placed before the Manage CMDB task.

  6. Open the Delay task, and set the Delay trigger is to Parent Request Closed. This will allow time for the creation of the parent CI before the child CIs.

  7. When the request is submitted, the child request will wait until the parent request is completed. When the parent request closes it will populate the Parent Result CMDB Items field on the child requests with whatever values are entered on the Result CMDB Items field on the parent. This field can then be used to create links in the child request Manage CMDB Item task.

  8. Open the Manage CMDB Item task on the child. Add a Create Item transaction.This will create the child CI.

  9. Then add a Create Link transaction, adding the Parent Result CMDB Items field as Participant A. Add the result of the Create Item transaction as Participant B.This will link the child and the parent.

  10. When this task runs, it will create a new CMDB item and link it to the CMDB items listed in the Parent Result CMDB Items field.