Create a Service Action and Attach a Workflow to it

Now that we have our Network account workflow where we want it, it’s time to test it.

Note: If you are not using a test system, you will need to grant access only to a special group that the general public cannot see so that you can test your portal screens, etc.

For example, you could create a portal user group called “Test” or “QA” and add it to that group only. Wait to publish it externally (give to everyone else you intend to use it) until it has been given the all-clear.

  1. System Administration Settings

Ensure the workflow is published and available through the self-service portal roles.

Ensure it is available to the internal workflow management security roles.

Ensure it is available to the correct recipients internally and externally.

You should be using a test system.

2. New CMDB Item: Service Action

  • Create a Service Action so that it can be used on the portal, if testing with a portal user group as above, list only that group on the service action (see below).

Create a Service Action

  1. Using the menu or from an open CMDB search results screen, create a new Service Action or clone an existing one.

  1. Ensure it is assigned to the correct service.

  2. Make sure the criticality is set to Service Catalogue.

Any value that is available to the portal will work. You can determine what those are by looking in System admin in “Service Portfolio Status”

  1. Choose the workflow template for your Service Action that you just built.

You can also have a service create a call, download an object, or follow a link but for this cheat sheet, we are only working with workflows.

  1. Select what groups should be able to see the service action and save it. As mentioned earlier, we will assume that initially only QA will have access in order to test.

  2. There is a host of other data that can be added, including contracts, financials stakeholder, etc. For now, this is the minimum data you will need to get the service action functioning.