Mapping Fields to be Updated by a Transaction

When adding the transaction details, you can map fields to be updated by the transaction. Fields are defined in the mapping table on the Manage CMDB transaction details window.

For the transactions which delete items or links, the fields will firstly be updated to the values set in the mapping table, before the items/links are deleted. In the case of transactions which manage links between CMDB entities, you can map fields relating to the Link Details.

You can map the fields relating to the Transaction Details record(s) created by the particular asset management transaction.

You can map both standard data fields as well as custom fields added through the ASM Designer.

  1. In the Mapping Table on the Transaction Details window, click the Add button.

  2. From the Add Fields popup, select a field. The fields are filtered by the selected transaction type. Note that CTRL-SHIFT-click will allow you to select multiple records one record at a time. SHIFT-click will select all records within the first and second click.

  3. For an Update Item transaction on a CMDB item, you can map the field Freeze Status to set the freeze status of the updated CMDB item. For a Create Link, Update Link, or Delete Link transaction, you can map the fields Impacts Upper and Impacts Lower to set the impact relationships of the links created, updated, or deleted by these transactions.

  4. Click OK to add the selected fields to the mapping table.

  5. To remove any mapped fields, select the field in the mapping table and click Remove.

  6. For each mapped field, specify the value to be set in the field after the transaction in the Value column:

    • Select (Value) to specify a value (such as a CMDB Template for a CMDB item field).

    • Select a request field for a variable value, that is, the field will be updated with the value in the specified field at the time the transaction runs.

  7. The (Advanced) option is available on selected asset management transactions. Selecting this option returns a value for the field based on rules you create in the rules builder.

  8. If Quantity is changed, Create item for each field value is selected, then any item mapped to the Iterator entity will be removed from the Mapping Table. A warning will appear when change is attempted.

  9. To set the condition for when the field will be updated to the specified value, select the checkbox in the Update column in the browse table. You can select from:

  1. The Update column is not displayed on the Mapping Table for the asset management transactions.

  2. To specify that the transaction fails if encounters an error (such as when it cannot update a mapped field or a specified CMDB item), select the Error option.

  3. Save the transaction details.