Creating an External Supplier Task

External Supplier Tasks are tasks that need to be completed by external parties through the Self Service Portal.

An analyst can use an External Supplier Task to specify an external supplier (and contract, if necessary). The relevant external analyst will be notified when the task becomes active. The external analyst assigned the task is responsible for its completion.

Internal workflow process may involve having external parties perform certain activities, for example having an externally hosted server configured. These tasks can be added to the workflow as External Supplier Tasks.

External Contacts do not have access to ASM, so their tasks are made visible through Self Service Portal.

External Contacts can view their tasks, update them and mark them as complete (or incomplete) through Self Service Portal.

Each External Contact with a Login ID requires a named license to access the Self Service Portal.

The benefits of using the External Supplier Task include:

  • An internal analyst does not have to update the task on behalf of the supplier.

  • There is a clear audit trial of what the supplier did and when.

  • Escalations can be put in place for when the task starts or runs late.

  • Instructions can be included within the task, removing the need to contact the supplier by email or phone to provide details.

  • Task progress can be tracked by analysts without needing to contact the supplier.

When an External Supplier Task is added to a workflow, an external supplier is linked to the task. A contract can also be linked to the task.

Once the task is activated (that is, preceding tasks have been completed), the supplier receives an email. This email provides information on what needs to be approved and includes a web address. The supplier can click on the web address in the email and be taken to the task through Self Service Portal (they are required to login before they can see the task).

Suppliers can also locate their tasks by logging in to the portal and viewing their outstanding tasks.

Once the task is opened, the supplier can add information, defer the task or mark the task as complete or incomplete.

Creating an External Supplier Task

  1. Double-click the External Supplier Task icon to view the External Supplier Task Details window.

  2. Complete the common task fields on this task.

  3. Expand the Task Specific Information section to add the external supplier details.

External SupplierSelect the name of the external supplier to whom you want to send the task for completion


Select a contract to be applied to complete this task.

Job Ref

Type a reference number to identify the job number for this task.

4. You can manually action the task by selecting:

  • Take Back External to remove the task from the portal.

  • Complete to manually close the task and allow the workflow to proceed down the successful branch.

  • Not Complete to manually close the task and allow the workflow to proceed down the failed branch.

5. The Take Back External button appears if the task has been forwarded to an external supplier for action. You can use this button to take back a task that has not yet been completed by the supplier, for example if you need to forward it to another external supplier. Click the button and confirm the take back. To notify the supplier that the task has been taken back, select Email External Supplier on the dialog box.

  • The task is removed from the supplier’s tasks outstanding view on the Self Service Portal.

  • If an Underpinning Contract was applied to the task, it is closed.

  • If your system is configured for integrating with a third party system through Inbound and Outbound Actions, a CANCEL message is sent to the external system.

External Supplier Tasks and Outbound Actions

If your system is configured for integrating with a third party system through Inbound and Outbound Actions, and the external supplier or contract are associated with an Outbound Action, a CREATE message is sent to the external system. When the required action is taken on the external system, an incoming message from the external system can automatically complete or ‘not complete’ the task. This sends a COMPLETE or INCOMPLETE message.

On completing successfully, the workflow follows the successful branch, otherwise, it follows the failure branch. The messages relating to the task can be viewed through the Outbound Action Explorer Option.

If the External Supplier task is manually actioned, an Outbound Action message is sent to the other system:

  • Take Back External sends a CANCEL message to the external system.

  • Complete sends a COMPLETE message to the external system.

  • Not Complete sends an NOT COMPLETE message to the external system.

All incoming and outgoing messages relating to the Outbound Action task can be viewed by clicking Outbound Actions on the Task Details Explorer.