Migrating your Syncfusion Dashboards to a New Server

This topic is for advanced system administrators. It will allow you to install and migrate your dashboards and reports to a new applications server.

Consult your technical Account Manager or Professional Services consultant before attempting this action.

You will need a copy of the Syncfusion Software and activation key in addition to the files below.

Applies to On-Premise installations only. Please refer to the documentation below for the Syncfusion Dashboard Platform for detailed instructions for migrating your Syncfusion Servers.

SDK Platform and Dashboard Server Installer

You will need several executables that are too large to post here.

  1. You will need the syncfusiondashboardserver_4.1.0.84_1600.exe file to complete the task. The file size is 185.6 MB.

  2. You will need the SDK: syncfusiondashboardplatformsdk_4.1.0.84_1725.exe

Please contact Alemba Professional Services, or your Technical Account Manager for these files.

API and SQL Dashboards and Sources

Migration Utility

Syncfusion Dashboard and Report Scheduler Service

Dashboard Server Installer

Desktop Designer Installer

UMS - User Management Server