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Configuration or Customization

During an implementation of Alemba®’s software products, it may be necessary to “customize” the product in order to complete a customer’s functional requirements.

This is carried out by Professional Services and represents a significant change to the functionality of the customer's implementation.

Alemba® defines customization as ‘a change to functionality, or a modification to the system, that is not automatically maintained as part of a software upgrade’. Typically, this functionality is either:

  • Re-implemented by Alemba® Professional Services as part of the upgrade plan

  • Deemed to no longer be required because a customer’s previous requirements have altered or the customization has been superseded by enhancements within the software

Adversely, configuration is defined as ‘a change to functionality, or a modification to the system, that is automatically maintained as part of a software upgrade’.

Activities that considered to be ‘customization’ or ‘configuration’ are listed below.


Customizations may include:

  • Screen changes (outside ASM Designer), including importing screens

  • Database changes, including the creation of new fields (outside ASM Designer), Stored Procedures, triggers and functions; and changing the properties of pre-existing fields (i.e. field length or field type)

  • Amending Javascript

  • Amending HTML

  • Amending Query Files

  • Use of the API to develop additional applications

  • Workflow, including customizing dependency rules for Conditional Branching and creating an External Procedure

  • Modifying the configuration file (ICNF) for standard Connectors (AD gateway / CSV)

  • Modifying the configuration file (ICNF) for supported Connectors (i.e. SCCM)

  • Creating and/or modifying customized Connector

  • Reporting performed outside the ASM app, including writing your own report views (typically in SQL Management Studio/Oracle SQL Plus)


Configuration activities include:

  • Screen changes via ASM Designer

  • Creation of Problem Analyzer rules (Proactive Problem Management)

  • Configuration of search screens

  • Configuration of timesheets

  • Maintenance of IPK data values such as call types

  • Workflow, including creation of pre-defined request workflows; creation of an outbound action; and importing workflows

  • Creation of IPK workflow rules

  • Configuration portability

  • Maintenance of SLM agreements

  • Maintenance of availability schedules

  • Maintenance of timezones, working hours and holiday plans

  • Maintenance of standard Connectors (AD gateway / CSV)

  • Maintenance of supported Connector (SCCM etc.)

Support of customized software

Standard Warranty

As specified within the Alemba® Master Services Agreement (, all customizations created by Alemba® are covered by a 30-day warranty period assuming a Maintenance and Support agreement with Alemba® is in place during that timeframe.

Optional Customization Support

To protect the value of your initial investment, a customization can be added into your Maintenance and Support agreement as an additional ‘Supported Deliverable’. This insurance policy certifies the agreed functionality of the customization for a further twelve (12) months dated from its acceptance into a Production environment. The following caveats apply:

  • The Customization Support assures its functionality for a maximum of two (2) software updates and/or patches

  • The Maintenance and Support agreement contract is in place across the entire twelve (12) month period

Customization Support can be extended beyond twelve (12) months to bring it in-line with your Support and Maintenance contract; discuss this with your Account Manager.

Standard and Optional Customization Support Warranties

The following table outlines the differences between the two warranty types.

Standard WarrantyOptional Customization Support

Claim Period

30 days from delivery of the customization into a Production environment

12 months from delivery of the customization into a Production environment

Cost of Coverage

No charge – provided as part of your Support and Maintenance agreement

The annual cost is 25% of the original development and testing cost (exc. VAT) of the Supported Deliverable

Number of customization ‘fixes’ or software upgrades covered

Unlimited ‘fixes’ within 30 days of delivery of the customization into a Production environment

Unlimited ‘fixes’ within twelve (12) months from delivery of the customization into a Production environment

Alemba® will ensure that the customization functions (as originally designed) as part of any ASM Core upgrade, up to a maximum of two upgrades within the 12-month period.

What functionality does the standard or optional support cover?

The functionality defined by the agreed scope within the Statement of Work (SOW)

What functionality is NOT covered by the standard or optional support?

Functionality not defined within the SOW. Functionality is only designed for the target software, so is not transferable to another Alemba® software product

Issues arising from changes made to the customization by the customer or a 3rd party are not covered.

Customizations that are transferred by the customer or a 3rd party from one Alemba® software product to another are not covered.

How do I raise an Issue with the customization?

Contact the Alemba® Service Desk.

What will happen after the standard or optional support cover expires?

Support for the customization is no longer provided within your Maintenance and Support contract; contact your Account Manager.

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