Code Examples

This section provides code examples on how to access and use transactions made available by the API.

Limited Support/End of Life Capabilities

The Classic API has been replaced by the Alemba RestFul API. While we will continue to support the Classic API for clients that are still using it, no further development will be done.

If you need to request a hotfix or support for these features, please contact Alemba Support

All examples have been written in VB.NET.

The sample code below is available as part of a demonstration package to use the Classic API. Contact Alemba® on how to receive this sample code.

Retrieving Call User Details

This code example uses the LogIn Transaction to log on to ASM, run the CallRetrieve Transaction to retrieve the User on a call and the PersonRetrieve Transaction to retrieve details relating to this User.

This example has been divided into separate stages of code.

Define Initial Properties

Log into ASM

Retrieve Call Details

Retrieve User Details

Support Functions