Customization nodes

Limited Support/End of Life Capabilities

If you need to request a hotfix or support for these features, please contact Alemba Support

Under every system within the Server Console is a list of tree nodes which allow you to perform various activities. Most of these activities are to do with customizing your installation of ASM Core to meet your specific organizational requirements.

Often, changes made within these nodes must be done in tandem with configuring ASM Core through the Administration module.

This topic will cover the purpose of these nodes but will not go into to detail on how to create the customizations. Additional documentation is available which provides details on configuring and customizing the application. This is referenced as required.

Configuration Files

Select Configuration Files to list all configuration files stored within the main ASM Core directory.

The default path for this directory is the following:

Program Files (x86)\Alemba\ASM\<system>\Config where <system> is the system name.

The following files are important when customizations are in place:

*.SQLSQL Query Files


Parsed SQL Query Files


SQL Script Files


Federated CMDB Connector Configuration Files


LDAP Query Files


Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) Integration Configuration File


SQL Initialization Files For more information on the handling of these files during database upgrades, patch applications and when parsed, see Server Console: Updating Scripts .


Select Letters *where?* to view Microsoft Word templates used by ASM Core to generate letters from Calls, Requests and Tasks. These letters merge information contained within the call, request or task into the letter content based on a template. These letters are then saved against the record.

Three standard Microsoft Word templates are provided: *version of word?*

  • Calls = C_ServiceManager.doc

  • Requests = R_ServiceManager.doc

  • Tasks = T_ServiceManager.doc

These templates can be accessed from under the Letters node of the Server Console. They can be copied and edited to make additional letter templates available, but they must be saved to this same location.

There is more information on creating and editing letter templates here.

Knowledge Files

Select Knowledge Files *where?*to list all documents stored within the Knowledge Bank directory.

The default path for this directory is the following:

Program Files (x86)\Alemba\ASM\<system>\Knowledge where <system> is the system name.

This directory is indexed by the Knowledge Bank functionality to allow Knowledge Searches on the contents of these documents in ASM Core, and the Self Service Portal if they're published to portal.

You cannot add, edit or delete displayed documents in the Server Console.

For more information on creating and editing knowledge entries refer to Knowledge Bank.

Log files

Select Log Files *where?*to view log files generated by actions within the Server Console. These actions include:

  • Calls archived

  • Template imports and exports

  • Database upgrades

  • Custom SQL scripts run

When are log files generated?

Log files are written at the beginning of a database upgrade or when a script is run. For each query, the log file records the following:

  • Date and time stamp to indicate when the query was executed

  • Time taken (in milliseconds) to execute the query.

*Where are they held?*