Updating Scripts

Limited Support/End of Life Capabilities

If you need to request a hotfix or support for these features, please contact Alemba Support

The Upgrade Database, Patch Database and Run Custom SQL Script tasks are run by executing several ASM Core L Script files or .SCP files.

The .SCP files that are executed for each operation are determined by a list in two XML files named CONFIG-UPGRADE.XML and CONFIG-PATCH.XML respectively. Both these files reside in the system configuration directory. They list the file names of .SCP files to execute. The listed files are required to exist in the system config directory. Refer to the file XML files for a list of the .SCP files required.

If neither .INI file exists, the console executes each task as if the files did exist with the above default contents.

The console will execute the Upgrade Database task in the following order:

  • Run half the files defined in CONFIG-UPGRADE.XML.

  • Pre-parse query files

  • Import the XML file containing the core data model.

  • Run the rest of the files defined in CONFIG-UPGRADE.XML.

  • Copy language titles

The database rights required to install a patch script depends on whether you are using DB NT Auth or not, on a SQL Server database. If DB NT Auth is used, the person who is running the patch tool should be one who has access to the database. Otherwise, the patch tool exe will use the database login information specified in the ASM Core Server Console.

Parse Query Files

Any number of query files can be applied to a system via IESQL.INI. This file functions much like CONFIG-UPGRADE.XML used by the Upgrade Database Task. IESQL.INI should list the query files to be applied to a system including the standard file which should always come first. Refer to the XML file for a list of the default query files included.

If the .INI does not exist, these contents are assumed. For example, there is the standard ASM Core query file, a query file for a specific piece of licensed functionality and an SQL file for the organization’s specific customizations.

  • QUERIES-*.SQL – the standard query files for each ASM Core module

  • ADV_ITIL.SQL – advanced ITIL licensed functionality supplied by Alemba®.

  • IONIXPROJ001.SQL – organization specific customizations which override anything in the advanced ITIL file.

All query files are parsed into a single parsed query file called PARSED_QUERIES.SQP. This is a binary file and cannot be read or edited in a text editor.