Part 2-Syncfusion Server Check HTTPS Binding has been Configured

Syncfusion Server Check HTTPS Binding has been Configured

Checking that the HTTPS binding has been configured in ISS (Optional, but should be checked for Cloud Systems)

1. Go to Start Menu > Windows Administrative Tools

  1. Right click Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager

  1. Click Run as Administrator

  1. In IIS, on the left-hand side, right click on Default Web Site and select Edit Bindings

  1. If in the new window, no HTTPS binding is defined, click Add and configure as per below:

The SSL Certificate name might differ depending if you are an Alemba Cloud customer or an on premise customer.

  1. Select in the top left hand corner, Type, as https and select the SSL certificate

  2. Click OK.

  3. Verify your Site Bindings look like the image below

  1. Click Close on the above and close IIS config manager.