Part 5-Syncfusion Server Patching the Scheduler Service

There is a known issue with the scheduler service. As part of your initial configuration, or if you are experiencing difficulty with the scheduler, you will need to patch the service.

Patching the Scheduler Service

In the SyncfusionDeploymentX.X folder, there is a SyncFusion.Server.Base.Dashboards.SchedulerServicexxxxxxx folder. This contains a patch for scheduled reports not sending.

  1. Go to Start Menu > Windows Administrative Tools

  2. Right-click on Services and select Run As Administrator.

  1. In the Services screen, scroll down to the Syncfusion services.

  2. Right click each service and Stop.

  3. Repeat for all 3 services.

  1. Access the folder that contains the patch

  2. Copy the the 2 Syncfusion.Server.Base.Dashboards…. files

  1. Navigate to: C:\Syncfusion\Dashboard Server\SchedulreServiceInstaller folder.

  2. Backup the 2 files with the same name as above (you can append the name to [name].[file extension].OLD)

  3. Paste the new files in the folder.

  4. Select Replace, when prompted.

  5. Navigate to C:\Syncfusion\DashboardServer\DashboardServer.Web\App_Data\SchedulerService

  6. Right-click on the Config file.

  1. Select Edit


  1. Edit with a text editor, such as Notepad++

  2. Find the line of code beginning with

  1. Modify the date to a date in the past.

  1. Save the changes to the file.

  2. Restart the Services that were stopped at the beginning of this section.

  3. If your patch was successful, the config file should disappear from the following folder: