Installing and upgrading on Multiple Web Servers

You can install Alemba Service Manager™ on more than one web server that all access the same database, and distribute the load using a load balancer, as illustrated below.

To install Alemba Service Manager™ on more than one web server:

  1. Install Alemba Service Manager™ on each web server.

  2. Create and configure a new system on each of those servers, ensuring they all point to the same database.

  3. On all but one of the servers, disable database upgrade:

    • In the registry key, disable the database upgrade using the registry string SkipDatabaseUpgrade = 1

  4. Disable each of the ASM polling services on all but one server:

  • Stop the ASM service and set the "Start Up" property to Manual; except for the ASM Administrative Service.

  • Ensure the ASM Administrative Service is running on all servers and its Start Up property is set to Automatic.

  • Services can be load-balanced. Set a service to Automatic on one server and Manual on all other servers. Each service should only be running on one server.

When upgrading in a multi-server environment, run the upgrade once only on the shared database. On the second and subsequent servers, select No if prompted to upgrade the database.