Patching where downloading files is not possible

Files can be provided as alternative to the (preferred) powershell based download and install for those environments where the download is not possible.


The powershell based install process downloads the artifacts in this folder and then runs windows-install.ps1.

If the download process fails for any reason, you can manually transfer theses files to your server and run windows-install.ps1 yourself.

  1. Copy windows-install.ps1 and to the same folder on your server.

  2. Open powershell.exe and run .\windows-install.ps1

This provides the same experience as the preferred process.

  • The powershell install will download and install pre-requisites when Install Prerequisites is set to "y".

  • The folder also contains pre-requisites which can be installed prior to running windows-install.ps1.

  • You should then set Install Prerequisites to "n" during the ASM installation

Alemba Service Manager Setup.exe

This file will need to be generated by the Development Team, please log a support call should you need the EXE file.

The setup .exe bundles all installation artifacts and pre-requisites and can be used to install ASM without using the Powershell terminal.

The setup.exe is simply a wrapper for the powershell based install. It will unpack the installation artifacts and launch the powershell install script.

The setup exe will always install pre-requisites and Install Pre-requisites must be set to "n" when prompted.

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