Uninstalling ASM Core

You would normally uninstall Alemba Service Manager™ before you install a new version. Uninstalling Alemba Service Manager™ will stop IIS and any dependent services.

You do not need to uninstall if you are performing a patch or upgrade.

Before you start

Ensure that all Alemba Service Manager™ files are closed, and nobody is logged into Alemba Service Manager™. Files are here by default: C:\Program Files\Alemba\ASM.

Ensure that you are not running applications that depend on IIS.

To uninstall Alemba Service Manager™:

  1. Using Windows Control Panel, view Programs and Features for a list of installed programs.

  2. Right-click Alemba Service Manager™, then select Uninstall on the shortcut menu.

    A confirmation message appears.

  3. Click Yes to uninstall Alemba Service Manager™.

    If you have any open programs, you are prompted to close them. Select whether or not to automatically close applications, then select OK.

    A message appears, prompting you to stop IIS and all dependent services.

  4. Select Yes to stop IIS and all dependent services, or No to abort the uninstall process.

  5. If you choose to stop the services, Alemba Service Manager™ uninstalls.

    A confirmation page appears when the uninstall process completes.

  6. Select Finish to close the wizard.