Configuring Nano

Arrive. Do. Leave.

Nano focuses on the Agent's Experience and has been designed to deliver a streamlined experience empowering analysts and agents who are first-time and occasional users.

Nano provides a simplified interface and functions for those who:

  • Work with calls - creating, updating and closing calls

  • Work with requests - creating, updating, and completing requests

  • Work with tasks and approvals - updating and completing tasks and approvals

  • Send emails from calls, requests, or tasks

  • Manage their workload using the Outstanding windows

  • Review and edit Knowledge Articles, CMDB Items, and Person records

NANO has no administrative functions. It is not designed for power users or System Administrators.

To administer system settings, design templates, screens and reports, work with other entity types, or to perform Service Desk functions such as cloning and linking, Analysts and System Administrators must use ASM Core.

  • See Using Nano for details on how to log into and use Nano.

  • Read the Nano Feature List for the full set of functions available in Nano.

Important Points

  1. Analysts may see a subset of these functions, dependent on the Security Roles assigned them by the system administrator. To perform functions not included in this list, analysts must use ASM Core.

  2. Nano is not available for Users and External Contacts, who should continue to use the Self Service Portal. An analyst who also has User or External Contact selected in their person record can still log into Nano and will be presented with the same options as other analysts in Nano with the same Security Roles.

  3. Analysts who create and modify Contracts in ASM Core cannot work with Contracts in Nano because Contracts are not a function available in Nano.

  4. Analysts who can create calls in ASM Core can also create calls in Nano because the analyst has the appropriate Security Role permissions and because the function is available in Nano.

Configuration Requirements before Using Nano

System Administrators should read the section on Minimum Configuration Recommendations in Configuring Nano before analysts start using Nano.

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