Logging in as Administrator

This provides access to all functionality within the Administration module and has full security rights to change how the system is configured.

  • Your organization's very first login to ASM Core must be via the Admin username and password.

  • The system administrator can continue to use this login to maintain and support the system.

  • The Admin Login ID cannot be changed, but the password should be changed during the initial Admin login.

Automatic Login (administrator only)

ASM Core can be started automatically without the need to type a username or password. The command line for the application needs to be amended to enable this. ASM Core can be auto-run with the command line:

http://<server>/<virtual directory>/Core.aspx?LOGIN&USER_ID=<user>&PASS_WORD=<password>&DATABASE=<database>

If you are using the administrator account (Admin log in) and you want to use Integrated Security, you must either change your network login to Admin to access the application through that account; or append noauth=true to the URL.

Example: http://<server>/virtual directory>/Core.aspx?noauth=true

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