Setup Chat

Setting Up Chat

To set up your system for Chat, carry out the following steps:

  1. Ensure that your system meets the necessary prerequisites and has all of the required settings as part of the installation/upgrade.

  2. For each partition, in the Self Service Portal Settings (Partitioned) window:

    • Enable Chat.

    • Link a call template to the chat.

    • Assign analysts to chat.

  3. Give analysts "Chat Analyst" permissions in their IPK Management security role.

  4. Give users "Chat User" permissions in their Self Service security role.

  5. Give managers "Chat Manager" permissions in their IPK Management security role.

  6. Assign a chat name and image to the analyst and user in their Person Details if you wish.

If you are setting up Chat to work between multiple web servers, you need to edit the Chat web.config. There are currently two methods of scaling out, or spreading the chat across multiple servers:

  • If you have a Microsoft Azure subscription, you can use Azure, inserting the values provided by Microsoft into the Service bus scale out support lines of code -

  • Alternatively, you can use SQL Server to scale out, using the following key:

  • <add key="chat:scaleOutSqlServer" value="TRUE" />

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