EWS - Troubleshooting

Typical Troubleshooting for EWS configurations

Use the connectivity test tool to validate the configuration of your mail service.

Error: Mailbox does not exist

This might happen if the authorizing user does not have a mail licence or if their mail functionality has been disabled.

Please ensure that the authorizing user is able to send and receive emails from their own email account and try again.

Error: Validation of the callback origin has failed

This error can occur if the response Callback URL in Azure does not match the Callback URL in the OAuth Token Details page.

This error can also be displayed when there is nothing wrong. If the OAuth Token Details dialog closes automatically after you have completed authorization, then the authorization has worked and the error can be ignored.

If this error is displayed and the OAuth Token Details dialog does not close automatically after completing authorization, a configuration problem may exist. The following steps can be taken to correct the problem.

  1. Reload ASM and try again

  2. Reload ASM, open the Email Server Details page, click Manage Token and click Delete

  3. Reload ASM again, confirm that the OAuth Token ID on the Email Server Details page is blank and try again

  4. Delete the Email Server and try again