About the Alemba Service Manager Family

We offer a range of products to meet the needs of our customers. All ASM products and capabilities ship standard with the product and are included with each license.

Alemba Service Manager Products

Self-Service Portal

Target Audience: End Users, or those needing to simply login and complete approvals, order from the catalog, or get help.

Self Service Portal allows end users to log calls and requests, and place orders.

They can also monitor existing calls, requests and orders, and, if they have the correct permissions, approve requests.

The Add Me widget allows users to easily add themselves to any published issue in 2 clicks. Often used for Major Incidents, as shown below, it can be used for any incident type(s) you decide.


Target Audience: Nano is excellent for the agent that may merely be triaging calls, logging calls, or updating calls. In fact, apart from System Administrative functions and a few other more advanced activities found only in the Core application (AKA "Core"), most analysts/agents and team leads prefer to use Nano!

It is perfect for those that only ever login and, for example, update the status, add a note or action item, or perhaps reassign a ticket. It supports well the actual business of working your queue without all the added features and "noise" of the full application. The included drag and drop Kan Ban view makes it quick and easy to manage the entire estate.

Nano provides a simplified interface and functions for those who:

  • Work with calls - creating, updating and closing calls

  • Work with requests - creating, updating, and completing requests

  • Work with tasks and approvals - updating and completing tasks and approvals

  • Send emails from calls, requests, or tasks

  • Manage their workload using the Outstanding windows

  • Review and edit Knowledge Articles, CMDB Items, and Person records

ASM Core

Target Audience: System Admins, or those configuring screens, the Self-service portal, workflows and performing other advanced activities. Core has all of the capabilities of Nano, and then some.

This is used largely by system administrators, and people in the organization who are responsible for configuring the system, creating users and CMDB items, developing workflows and establishing security and self service portal settings.

It is also used by service desk analysts processing calls and requests on behalf of users.


Target Audience: Organizations that need to get up and running quickly and do not want to start with a "blank" system.

Rapid Start offers a quick and easy installation solution. It delivers a set of pre-configured data and configurations that are designed to get you started with the key processes that you need to move from Service Transition to Service Operation.

Fully Pink Verified for 15 ITIL v4 Practices, key capabilities

Included out of the box capabilities

ASM is a fully Browser agnostic set of applications. This means that all products are available across all platforms, devices and browsers! ASM also ships with a fully configured and populated database, including a service catalog and Self Service portal ready to go!

This list is not exhaustive. Because of the code-free nature and highly configurable options within ASM, all of the following and more is easily achieved. Click on each item for more information.

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