Completing an Approval

Approvals can be approved or rejected, as appropriate. This will determine the direction and progress of the workflow, and often requires entry of a password or other security.

  1. Open the approval from either the Tasks Outstanding or Request Details window. The Approval Details window appears.

User Approvals can be completed from within Self Service Portal.

Approvals can also be completed right from the email message using the Approve or Reject buttons found at the bottom of the email.

See also:

  1. Record any relevant information in the Action field, such as the reason you are rejecting the request. In addition, record times and any expenses incurred for the approval.

  2. Select the Complete explorer option (or Complete button). The Sign Off window appears.

  3. At Status, select a value to indicate the reason for the approval or rejection.

  4. Type your password.

A password may not be required depending on the integrated security settings defined by the system administrator

  1. Select the Approved or Rejected option, depending on whether you are approving or rejecting the request.

  2. The Request Details window appears again, and the status of the approval is shown as either Closed-Approved or Closed-Rejected.

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