Logging In to the Alemba API Explorer

ASM has two Application Programming Interfaces (or APIs), which enable you to develop programs that automate many common ASM transactions. This section of the documentation deals with the RESTful API.

For more information on the Classic API, see here.

The API Explorer gives you an overview of the entities covered by the API, their properties, and what actions are supported per entity. It also provides a visual interface for viewing live data.

The API Explorer allows you to explore all the entities within the API. For each entity, you can

  • See the attributes of all the entity’s properties

  • See all the actions that can be performed

  • Browse the data in your test database

Before you start

You must have a valid login for ASM.

You must have Alemba API Explorer selected in the General Access Security Roles – Admin Tab of your General Access security role.

  1. Key the following into your browser: http://<servername>/<VirtualDirectory>/alemba.web/alemba/api-explorer.

  2. Select the type of login (user or analyst) from the drop-down list.

  3. The Admin account cannot be used to manage calls and tickets. To perform standard Service Desk functions, you must log in using your personal username and password. If you have user and analyst privileges, you can choose either login type.

  4. Key your username and password into the Login box.

  5. If you are already logged in, you are given the opportunity to continue logging in to the API, and terminate your other session; cancel the login; or sign in using a different login.

YesSelect to log in, terminating all other active sessions in which you are logged in as an analyst

No, I've changed my mind

Select to cancel the login. This will return you to the Alemba API explorer home page, from where you can select the Log In option in the top left corner to log in again

Sign in as different user

Select to redisplay the Login box. You must log in as an analyst, as you have chosen this user type in the previous step. If you attempt to log in using a login that only has User access, you will be returned to the Alemba API explorer home page, from where you can select the Log In option in the top left corner to log in again

  1. When you have logged in successfully, you will see the API home screen, with the Entities, Call and Properties panes.See Navigating the Alemba API Explorer to find out more.

  2. Choose the partition you want to work in from the drop-down list in the top right hand corner.