Options in the CMDB Items Explorer Pane

You can carry out some tasks relating to CMDB items using the options in the Explorer pane.

The following options are available, access to some of which depend on the settings in your security role.


to view all the agreements where the entity, person or contract is specified in the agreement selection criteria


to view or set Availability Settings for the CMDB Item

Impact Criteria

to specify the criteria that will be used to apply an outage to a CMDB item when one or more CMDB items impacting this item are currently experiencing an outage


to create new CMDB items based on the currently displayed one


to attach objects or files from Windows applications to the current CMDB item


to type data into categories set up in the Administration module


to capture general, non-reportable, non-searchable information about the entity


to view an audit trail of the changes made to the details of the entity on screen

Version History

to view the history for the CMDB item


to view the depreciation information for the current CMDB Item


to view a graphical view of the other CMDB items which are linked to the CMDB item


to view a graphical view of the components for a container CMDB item

Call Search

to display the Call Search window, where you can view all open calls logged against the CMDB item

Request Search

to view open requests for the CMDB item

External Resources

to view external resources such as directory server users linked to the current CMDB item

Discrepancy Reports

to view outstanding CMDB Resource Reports (reports to be reviewed) linked to the entity