Viewing Bulletins

Nano includes a scrolling bulletin. You can open any bulletin to see the details.

You can view bulletins in a number of ways:

  • From the scroll bar at the top

  • From the Home page, along the right-hand side of the screen

  • Display a list of bulletins on a bulletin board

Viewing Bulletins from the Home Page

You can display a list of current bulletins on the bulletin board, and view any one of them in more detail.

Bulletins can be restricted to certain groups and partitions. You will only be able to see those bulletins to which you have access.

  1. Select the Bulletin Board.

  2. From the submenu, select Bulletin Board. A list of bulletins is displayed in a browse table, in collapsed format. You can see the title of each bulletin, its priority and the date on which it was created. If you have this window on screen for some time, you can refresh the display to see the latest bulletins by selecting . You can also print the list of bulletins by selecting .

  3. To view a bulletin's details, Click it. More detail is given, including the description text and a list of any attachments.

**If you have sufficient permissions, you can edit the bulletin from here. Click the Edit button to switch to Edit Mode.