API Transactions

Limited Support/End of Life Capabilities

The Classic API has been replaced by the Alemba RestFul API. While we will continue to support the Classic API for clients that are still using it, no further development will be done.

If you need to request a hotfix or support for these features, please contact Alemba Support

API transactions can be categorized into:

  • Availability Transactions

  • Call Transactions

  • CMDB Transactions, including Contract Transactions, Cost Center Transactions, Jurisdiction Transactions, Location Transactions, Organization Transactions, Person Transactions and Subscriber Group Transactions

  • Knowledge Transactions

  • System Transactions, including Session Transactions, Add Note Transactions, Attribute Transactions, Development Transactions, Message Transactions, Object Transactions and Stakeholder Transactions

  • Workflow Transactions, including Task Transactions, and Workflow (Request) Transactions