Knowledge Document Import

In ASM, you can import knowledge documents from a public directory.

To import KB Articles

All documents imported will come in as abstracts and all article parameters (Profile, Status, etc) will be set to the default values.

  1. Go to System Admin ->Knowledge Bank -> Knowledge Document Import

  2. Tick the "Enabled" box.

  3. Set the Frequency of your scan

  4. Add the directories you want scanned.

The KB Articles will import as Abstracts without regard to any Knowledge Entry Types you have defined. They will be set with the the default Profile Value and Default Status and Type values.

  1. If the Default Profile is "Internal" then they will come in as Internal Abstracts

  2. If the Default Status is "Draft" they will come in as Drafts.

Meaning, in this scenario, all imported articles will come in as Internal, draft abstracts.

If your system is moderated, ensure the default Status has moderation enabled.

Troubleshooting Failed Imports

  1. Ensure the Service is running and restart it.

  2. Ensure the Service Account has access to the directory being scanned.

  3. Ensure the default status and Type are viewable and that moderated is ON so that the article will import with the correct properties.

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